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Ms. Pac PC

Developer: Unknown
Year: 1996
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 76%
Downloads: 15,925
Size: 643 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Ms. Pac PC Review

This is the female version of Pac Man. Eat the dots and avoid the ghosts. Eat a flashing power pill then chase and eat the ghosts. Also eat any bouncing fruit for extra points. This remake looks just like the original.

13 User Comments

cyril 13 days ago

pac mac

dog 20 months ago


dog 20 months ago

i like it

lofi 3 years ago


Kevin Munn 5 years ago

I Love Pac-Man And Mrs.Pac-Man I Played In The Arcade Games

Grace polye 6 years ago

Playing ms pakman,it would be fun and intresting

cassie 6 years ago

as long as its free its one of the best its fun to play once you start playing you cant stop

estela 6 years ago

oh miss pacman is one of the best arcade games of all time

shorty 6 years ago

ms pac man is one of the best arcade games of all time nothing like it

Maburesh 7 years ago

Pls guys get us a version that is eligible with WINDOWS &

Armaan singh 8 years ago

Just like pacman

Darren 8 years ago

Love this game

nanco 9 years ago

nothing like ms pacman

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