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DOOM v1.9

Developer: id Software, inc.
Year: 1993
Genre: Action
Rating: 72%
Downloads: 27,745
Size: 2.33 MB
Added: 9 years ago

Our DOOM v1.9 Review

It seems like another typical day at the Union Aerospace Corporation on Mars. That is, until you get a radio transmission stating that the gateways being researched on its two moons have started spewing demons. One moon, Deimos, simply disappears, and you and your combat troops are sent up to Phobos to investigate. Your teams heads into the base while you secure the perimeter.

Bad idea, perhaps, as all your buddies are promptly slaughtered. You think you've hit rock bottom until you realize that they took all the heavy weapons inside. Armed with only a pistol and a thirst for revenge, you head inside with nothing to lose...

27 User Comments

SkyLight 2 years ago

Games of the 90's try out brutal doom:D

Doom Doom Doom 2 years ago

Hi i love this game :) :

mou 3 years ago

worst game ever i played

Salisu Nafi‘u 5 years ago

Good moning i rely this game

ppp 6 years ago

thank you

mano 6 years ago

I like it

ashik 7 years ago

sexy gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ashik 7 years ago


cu 7 years ago


DOOM 7 years ago

It is funny

گرفتن بازی 7 years ago

گرفت بازی



e_miey.. 7 years ago

best gile...............

grant 7 years ago

doesnt download

BigBadGameNerd 7 years ago

whoo hoo hell yeah doom comes alive again.hail to the doomy baby

fauzi 7 years ago

wow i can play this game again


I 8 years ago

I found it again after two years

negar 8 years ago


Tasselhoff 8 years ago

This game is bloody legendary!!!! This game carved the way forward for all developers. Millions of people have lost endless sleep cutting up doom demons. Bring on the chainsaw...

vidya 8 years ago

it is best game for me.

DJ Masters 8 years ago

are there any 64 bit versions of doom that anyone knows of

rajesh tiwari 8 years ago

nice game ther are

malik husnain 8 years ago

love guru love it

hehe 8 years ago

i use to play this game a few years ago and now i found it again

Jason1999mambu (Youtube) 8 years ago

Looks like this game is normally (I not wanna download them)

I rating it ????


قارچ 8 years ago


Inamdar Asif 9 years ago

I love THIS Game.

mAdmAn 9 years ago

This has to be one of (if not) the best games ever. Even the (shareware) first episode felt like more of a complete experience than most commercial games; the 3 additional episodes were almost like an expansion pack to the experience.

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